Nordic Feed Evaluation System

Modern milk production serves more than 7 billion consumers and is the livelihood of millions of dairy farmers and their families worldwide. Establishing the optimum feed ration for their cattle is a deciding success factor for these farmers. This is where NorFor lends a helping hand.

NorFor is an ideal tool for evaluating feed and calculating digestion as well as the utilization of nutrients.

NorFor provides for the interaction between the animal and the feed ration, since the nutritional value of feed depends not only on its composition, but also on the way it is consumed. Also, interaction between nutrients has a great impact on how the feed ration is formulated in NorFor.

NorFor enables optimization of all feed rations; totally and partially mixed rations as well as rations containing only concentrate and roughage.

NorFor increases feed efficiency and economic profitability. Moreover, it improves animal welfare and reduces the environmental impact of dairy and cattle farming.

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If you are a Cattle Nutritionist, a cattle organisation, a veterinarian, a scientist, a farm consultant or anyone else with an interest in dairy cow and cattle feeding, don´t hesitate to contact us. It might be of mutual benefit.

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Patrik Nordgren, CEO
”NorFor carefully takes into account how the different feedstuffs work together and how they affect the rumen. This is the base for composing far better feed rations.”
Henrik Bjærre Jakobsen, Danish farmer, 300 Dairy cows