Scientific advisory group in NorFor

Scientific advisory group in NorFor
One of the strengths with NorFor is the close relationship with research. NorFor has its own scientific advisory group with representatives from universities in the Nordic countries. The scientific advisory group (SAG) gets together two times a year. During these workshops the researchers inform us about their latest research projects and discuss if some of the results can be applied in the NorFor model. Representatives from NorFor talk about their thoughts and needs, giving inspiration and ideas to the scientists.

Recently, discussions in this group led to an evaluation of a specific laboratory method, the current method was then revised and will be applied in NorFor. Another good example from this group is the development of equations for prediction of methane. The researchers in SAG delivered data from methane experiments (methane values, feed intake and data about feed and animal characteristics). These data were then used with the NorFor model and analyzed to find out which factors concerning feed and animals that was most important for the prediction of methane.

The goal was to find an accurate equation for prediction of methane from dairy cows. During this process there have been many fruitful discussions at the SAG meetings, which gave input on how to treat data and which factors that should be included in the methane equation. This successful work has been documented in a scientific article that will be published soon.

Nicolaj Ingemann Nielsen is responsible for the scientific advisory Group in NorFor, contact Nicolaj Ingemann Nielsen

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