Recommendation for iodine value in feed rations

Recommended iodine value in feed rations
A recommended maximum limit for the iodine value in the ration has been established in the NorFor feed evaluation system. The recommended limit is 45 g iodine per kg DM in the total feed ration.

The iodine value is calculated for each feedstuff based on its fatty acid composition. The higher degree of unsaturated fatty acids, the higher is the iodine value. Chemically, it indicates the amount of iodine which reacts with the fatty-acid double bonds.

In ration formulation, the iodine value is a complement to the recommended maximum limit of total fatty acids which is set to 45 g/kg DM. The iodine value is the limiting factor for the fatty acid level in the diet when the fat sources are highly unsaturated, for example liquid oils. Typical feedstuffs in northern Europe with high iodine value are crushed rapeseeds, cold-pressed rapeseed cake with high fat content, flaxseed and distillerís grain.

Photo: Linda Anderberg

Photo: Linda Anderberg

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