New managing director of NorFor A.m.b.a.

Patrik Nordgren new managing director of NorFor A.m.b.a.

Head of Market/Innovation Patrik Nordgren, Växa Sverige, will be the new managing director of NorFor A.m.b.a. He will start this half-time job on the 1st of March 2013. NorFor A.m.b.a. is an association owned by SEGES, Cattle (Denmark), TINE (Norway), Växa Sverige (Sweden) and Bændasamtök Íslands (Iceland) that develops and maintains the new Nordic feed evaluation system for cattle called NorFor.

Patrik Nordgren has a Master degree in Agri Business. He is 43 years old and lives with his family in Eskilstuna, where he works as Head of Market/Innovation at Växa Sverige. Patrik has been one of the leading people in development of management programs and advisory methodology used by Swedish dairy advisors, for many years and has a lot of experience concerning business advisory and business development, as well as business economics and strategy.

Patrik will replace the present managing director Hans Lindberg who will work full time with other tasks at Växa Sverige. Patrik Nordgren enters NorFor in a new strategic phase which involves marketing NorFor to customers outside Scandinavia.

You can find more information here at or by contacting the chairman of the Board Tone Roalkvam, TINE

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