Scientific publication about NorFor now available

The publication of the NorFor system has now finished. The result is a book that in detail describes NorFor feed evaluation system with biological equations, feed analyses procedures and animal requirements. The book is published in the EAAP Scientific series, no 130. The content of the book has been reviewed by two senior researchers specialized in feed evaluation and nutrition. The book is written in English and consists of 15 chapters (180 pages):

Overall model description
Animal input characteristics
Feed fraction characteristics
Feed analyses and digestion methods
Feed calculations in NorFor
Digestion and metabolism in the gastrointestinal tract
Energy and metabolizable protein supply
Animal requirements and recommendations
Prediction of voluntary feed intake
Chewing index system for predicting physical structure of the diet
Prediction of milk yield, weight gain and utilisation of N, P and K
Standard feed value
System evaluation
The NorFor IT system, ration formulation and optimisation

The NorFor publication is now available for purchase at Wageningen Academic Publishers webb site,
Note that all books will be sold by the publisher, and not by NorFor. On our publication web site you can find contact persons for more information about the book.

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