NorFor in comparison with other feeding systems

NorFor predicts the same level of rumen microbial protein synthesis (RMPS) as well-known feeding systems as the AAT/PBV-system and the CNCPS. That was shown by Rasmus Hauge in his newly published thesis “Estimation and evaluation of rumen microbial protein synthesis in NorFor and other feed evaluation systems”, which he presented at the Nordic Feed Science Conference in Uppsala, Sweden, in the beginning of June this year. However, at high daily intakes, over 25 kilo dry matter intake (DMI) per day NorFor estimates higher RMPS than other systems.
- But my conclusion is, that within the range that we are feeding at the time, 22-25 DMI per day, NorFor predicts the RMPS as good as the other two systems, Rasmus Hauge says.
He emphasizes that the NorFor estimation of RMPS seems to be in good agreement with Nordic in vivo data.
- More studies are needed for further evaluation, Rasmus Hauge says.
In comparison with the French system, the Archimede model, that predicts higher RMPS than the AAT/PBV-system and the CNCPS, NorFor predicts RMPS as the same level as the AAT/PBV-system and the CNCPS.
Rasmus Hauge is a student on his Master-program at the University of Aarhus in Denmark. The two other organizations behind his thesis have been Seges (the well-known Danish consultance company of agriculture) and NorFor. For more information contact
At the Nordic Feed Science Conference, there was also a speech on “Responses to methionine and NorFor recommendations” by Nicolai I. Nielsen at NorFor.

Rasmus Hauge presented a poster at the Nordic Feed Science Conference in Uppsala, Sweden, 2015.

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