NorFor has been updated

A new version of the NorFor model has been released in late August. The new version includes deposition/mobilization of energy and protein, revised intake capacity, revised recommendation for AAT and the possibility to calculate enteric methane emission.

Previous version of NorFor did include a calculation of mobilization and deposition, but the calculation has now been harmonized between the NorFor countries and changed so that it follows a more natural pattern throughout the lactation.

In the new version of NorFor (Feed Ration Calculator 1.74) mobilization occurs during day 1 70 of the lactation. A gradually increasing deposition of body reserves occurs then from day 71 and until the end of lactation. Three new parameters have been added to the feeding plan module: daily weight change, total mobilization (day 1 to 70) and total deposition (day 71 to 300).

The magnitude of mobilization/deposition takes into account the breed and parity. Thus, jersey mobilizes and deposits less body reserves than large breeds and primiparous cows mobilize and deposit approximately 70% of multiparous cows.

Due to the implementation of mob/dep curves, intake capacity is slightly lowered in early lactation and correspondingly slightly increased in late lactation compared to the previous version of NorFor.
A small change has been made in intake capacity of the Jersey breed, since experiences from Denmark have shown that it was overestimated. Intake capacity for the Icelandic breed has also been adjusted according to practical experiences.

With the new update it is now possible to calculate enteric methane production for dairy cows and growing animals. Methane production can be expressed as g per day, MJ per day or MJ/kg ECM.

In general, this update of NorFor will only imply small changes in the optimization of feed plans.

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