Improved feed rations on fattening bulls and heifers

Fattening bulls need more concentrate and less forage than previously shown in research. This new knowledge was implemented in NorFor during 2015. The most recent experiments were performed in Sweden and compiled with pre-existing research data on fattening bulls and included in NorFor in January 2015.

The calculated intake capacity of forage was reduced in the new version of NorFor leading to feed rations with more concentrate and less forage for fattening bulls heavier than 200 kilograms.

“The close collaboration between NorFor, universities in the Nordic countries and the advisory service ensures that new scientific findings is rapidly integrated into the everyday feeding on the farms”, says Nicolaj Ingemann Nielsen, who is responsible for research and development at NorFor.

One of the next things to be improved is the feed intake system for heifers. Research on heifers has been done in Denmark and Norway during the last couple of years. Most likely NorFor will be updated based on the results of these experiments during the spring of 2016.

“When this modification is completed we will have different feed intake models for heifers of dairy and beef breeds. The new version is currently being tested by users in Denmark, Sweden and Norway”, says Nicolaj Ingemann Nielsen, who hopes to be able to release the updated NorFor version in March 2016.

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