NorFor pushes forward to secure a reliable and transparent feed table

The use of the NorFor system has intensified in the last couple of years among its users, especially in the use of NorFor Feed Tables. By looking at recent user statistics and the number of updates, it is evident that the NorFor feed table is being updated and used more than ever before. This indicates that the need for working with feed rations and feed management on dairy farms intensifies during the challenging times we now experience. With this background, NorFor during 2016 will invest in activities that makes the NorFor feed table even more useful and reliable for its users. In brief, the objectives for 2016 are as follows:
Fully harmonize policies and information management between regions and countries that use the NorFor Feed Table. This work has now started.
Communicate guidelines for uploading values of concentrates to be used by the feed industry. The guidelines are already published on the homepage member area.
Perform In vivo trials to collect digestibility information on selected feeds in relation to quality on feed analysis.
Develop a method that ideally can determine energy levels in concentrates.

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