NorFor´s feed intake system performs well on diets where the majority of forage is from legumes.

A new trial from Aarhus University (Johansen & Weisbjerg, 2016) consisted in 8 different TMR with the same roughage:concentrate ratio of 70:30. The roughage component of the TMR consisted of 0, 50 or 100 % clover (white and red). The feedstuff composition of five rations of the trial are shown in Table 1 and the nutrient composition of the roughages in Table 2. The trial included 36 Holstein cows, 12 primiparous and 24 multiparous cows, all in the first half of the lactation.

Table 1. Feedstuff composition of 5 TMR’s (% of DM)
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Table 2. Nutrient composition of the roughages used in the trial.
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NorFor´s ability to predict feed intake in individual cows is shown in Table 3. The prediction errors are relatively small for individual cows and this prediction error is not linked to the share of clover/legumes. Thus, NorFor predicts feed intake equally well in individual cows fed rations with no legumes or a high share of legumes.

Table 3. Prediction error in NorFor´s feed intake system in individual cows for TMRs with 0 %, 50 % or 100 % clover.
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NorFor predicts feed intake equally well in rations where roughage includes no legumes or consist of 100% legumes. Thus, the prediction error was not related to the share/amount of legumes.

Johansen, M. and M. R. Weisbjerg. 2016. Tænk i fordøjelighed, udbytte og dyrkning frem for art. Ny kvægforskning Nr. 5. 14. årgang, november 2016.

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