Welcome to NorFor´s 9th Annual Advisory Workshop
November 7-8, 2018 in Jelgava, Latvia

Practical information:

Date and times
The 7th-8th of November 2018 (Start 08.15 day 1 and finish 16.00 on day 2).
Workshop and lectures
The workshop will be held in Latvian Rural Advisory and Training Centre, LLKC Headquarters in Ozolnieki, Jelgava, and located 45 km south of Riga Airport.
Participants will be accommodated at the LLKC Hostel in the same building as the workshop takes place. There is also hotels nearby that will be used if necessary.
Depending on the arrival time a shuttle bus can be organized in the early morning from Riga Airport.
All presentation materials will be handed out at the workshop. No minutes or documentation of discussion will be delivered.
Meals (breakfast both days, lunch both days and dinner day 1) are included in the fee during the workshop. If you have a food allergy please notify the organizers no less than three weeks in advance.
The price of the workshop is 420 Euro, which includes lectures, lunches, dinner and night hotel (single room). Travel costs are paid by each participant.
**The price only includes accomodation on the night of the conference (7th November). If the night before is needed please mention this in the registration (extra price, limited places available).

Contact persons for registration
Clementina Álvarez mcalvf@gmail.com

Payment method:
Bank deposit
Nordea Bank Danmark A/S, 8000 Aarhus C
IBAN: DK57 2000 8971 5666 13

Registration and payment possible until the 20th of October.

For the detailed program scroll down

NorFor Advisory Workshop 2017

Program – NorFor´s 9th Annual Advisory Workshop

Wednesday 7th November
Meeting Point: Main conference room at LLKC HQ in Ozolnieki
Registration: Starts at 08:00 in hall way on second floor

08:15 Conference Welcoming

08:30 Introduction to the NorFor Model. Maria Åkerlind (NorFor Research Consultant)
- Model overview
- Most important parameters and features
- Energy evaluation in roughages

09:40 Introduction to the NorFor Feed Ration Optimizer. Henrik Martinussen (Senior Dairy Consultant SEGES Denmark)
- Software overview
- Creating economically optimized feed ration
- Most important parameters and settings

11:45 Lunch at LLKC cantina

12:30 Development of NorFor and recent results. Nicolaj Ingemann Nielsen (NorFor Research & Development Manager)
- Protein evaluation
- Individual amino acids recommendations

13:30 Feed analysis offered by Eurofins Agro. Han van de Goor (Eurofins Agro International)

14:00 Coffee Break

14:30 Dry cow management and energy concentration in rations. Nicolaj Ingemann Nielsen (NorFor Research & Development Manager)

15:10 Results from farms managing the transition period. Ann-Theres Persson (Senior Nutritionist Växa Sverige)

15:45 Group discussions NorFor farm case.
- Prepared case/s will be presented, discussed and concluded

17:00 Introduction of Dairy farming in Latvia. Silvilja Dreijere (Dairy Dept. Manager Latvian Rural Advisory and Training Centre)

19.30 Dinner for all participants in Jelgava

Thursday 8th November
8:15 Meeting at the LLKC main entrance

08:30 - 15:00 Visit to Latvian commercial farm/s

12:00 Lunch

16:00 Arrival Riga International Airport

Below are the presenations that were held during the workshop

The NorFor Model-Maria Åkerlind

Dry cow feeding-Nicolaj Nilsen

Rapeseed meal vs Soybean meal

Farm Case from Slovenia-Tadej Virk

Transition period- Ann-Theres Persson

Reliable forage analysis- Han van de Goor

Contact us
If you are a Cattle Nutritionist, a cattle organisation, a veterinarian, a scientist, a farm consultant or anyone else with an interest in dairy cow and cattle feeding, don´t hesitate to contact us. It might be of mutual benefit.

Best regards
Patrik Nordgren, CEO