Possible to calculate methane with NorFor

The NorFor model predicts ECM, protein yield and excretion of N, P and K for a given diet. NorFor users have wished for an equation that calculates methane emissions from dairy cows. Such an equation has been implemented in NorFor and this work has now been documented and published in the scientific journal Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica.

Models for predicting methane are usually based on variables about the nutritional composition of the feed and feed intake. The NorFor methane equation was constructed based on a data-set with 47 treatment means from research in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Since the parameter crude protein was on the borderline of being significant and didn´t explain much quantitatively, it was removed from the preliminary equation and the implemented methane equation in NorFor looks like this:
CH4 = 1.23 (±0.08) × DMI 0.145 (±0.039) × FA + 0.012 (±0.005) × NDF
(RMSE = 3.10 MJ CH4/d; CV = 14.3%; R2 = 0.75)

For information on this subject, contact Nicolaj I. Nielsen

Source: A prediction equation for enteric methane emission from dairy cows for use in NorFor in Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica, Section A Animal Science, Vol. 63, issue 3

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