Scientific innovation meeting

Photo: Patrik Nordgren

Twice a year the NorFor R&D team meets with our scientific contributors. The scientific contributors of the NorFor model are a group of leading scientists from universities and research institutes in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Iceland. This time the meeting was held on November 13 in Copenhagen.

The overall aim of this meeting was to generate new ideas and start to refine and enhance them as a start of finding a new horizon to the next generation of the NorFor model. The long term objective is to create a new version of the NorFor model by generating new knowledge and listening to the experiences we have gained from using NorFor the last six years on close to 1 Million dairy cows in the Nordic countries.

From NorFor R&D team
Maria Åkerlind
Rudolf Thøgersen
Nicolaj Ingemann Nielsen

Researcher Peter Udén, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Researcher Martin Riis Weisbjerg, Aarhus University
Researcher Egil Prestløkken, Norwegian University of Life Sciences
Researcher Mogens Larsen, Aarhus University
Researcher Peder Nørgaard, University of Copenhagen

Senior consultant Ole Aaes, Knowledge Centre of Agriculture, Denmark
Special Consultant Dorte Bossen Knowledge Centre of Agriculture, Denmark
Special Consultant Lars Arne Hjort Nielsen, Knowledge Centre of Agriculture, Denmark
Advisor Annica Hansson, Växa Sverige, Sweden

For more information about this group, contact Nicolaj Ingemann Nielsen

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Patrik Nordgren, CEO