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NorFor considers the quality of roughage essential to successful dairy farming. Consequently, it must be analyzed. We cooperate with laboratories in Denmark, Germany, Holland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden all who analyze roughages, concentrates and commodities in accordance with NorFor standards. This working relationship aims to provide dairy and beef farmers with actual nutrient and digestibility values of especially roughages in order to optimize the feed ration and thus the production/economy.

The work is facilitated in the following ways:
NorFor has defined and standardized lab methods to fit the NorFor Model.
NorFor provides web services for the laboratories, ensuring that analyzed values are transferred quickly and efficiently to the NorFor Feed Table. This makes them accessible to authorized users of the NorFor Feed Ration Optimizer and readily available for farmers and/or consultants optimizing rations on a specific farm. Additionally, the NorFor Feed Table is maintained with updated values.
The feed laboratories have developed new methods to better fit the need to evaluate roughage on the dairy farms, mainly covering grass and maize silage.

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If you are a Cattle Nutritionist, a cattle organisation, a veterinarian, a scientist, a farm consultant or anyone else with an interest in dairy cow and cattle feeding, don´t hesitate to contact us. It might be of mutual benefit.

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