NorFor Books

NorFor - The Nordic Feed Evaluation System Scientific series, EAAP 130

NorFor is a semi-mechanistic feed evaluation system for cattle, which is used by advisors in Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. This book describes the system in detail and covers five main areas.

Content of the publication:
1. The first area discusses feed characteristics, feed analysis and feed digestion methods.
2. The second sarea describes the digestion and metabolism in the gastrointestinal tract and the supply and requirement of energy and metabolizable amino acids.
3. The third area considers the prediction of feed intake and physical structure of the diet.
4. The fourth area focuses on model evaluation.
5. The fifth and final area provides information about the IT solutions and feed ration formulation by a non-linear economical optimization procedure.

This book is of significant interest to researchers, students and advisors of cattle nutrition and feed evaluation.

For more information about the publication, contact Parik Nordgren, CEO