CowConnect and NorFor team up to provide next-generation feed optimizing program

Our collaboration aims on providing the next generation easy to use feed optimizing software to farmers. Making diet optimizing more practical has always been the dream of the Cowconnect and the NorFor team. We believe that we now have the solution for farmers to be able to adapt the diets based on the results they see on the farm. Farmers are the people who work with the cows on a day to day basis and are the first to see if the diet needs to be changed.

With the Cowconnect solution there is a direct link to the feeder wagon and the management systems. This solution gives a lot of practical advantages and enhanced results in performance. By the integration of NorFor into this circle of data provides an optimization program where the farmer easily can optimize diets step by step based on the practical results the farmer sees instead of only relying on the theoretical suggestions of an optimizing program.

Our new solution makes, what was earlier a complex task, as easy as pushing a button. By making small changes of the diet on important parameters, like dry matter intake, energy and protein levels, combined with an evaluation of the cow’s reaction is a practical approach on optimizing the nutritional balance on the cows need in order to reach peak performance. We believe this will be the next generation in feed optimizing and will give the farmer a hands-on guide to optimize the feed over milk margin.


CowConnect has the expertise and proven record in providing leading dairy and beef farmers with an easy to use feeding management system, data integration and information handling according to the demands of farm managers.

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