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NorFor Feed Ration Optimizer™
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Helping farmers to maximize profits, with minimal environmental impact, and focus on animal welfare

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Nordic Feed Evaluation System

Modern milk production serves more than 7 billion consumers and is the livelihood of millions of dairy farmers and their families worldwide. Establishing the optimum feed ration for their cattle is a deciding success factor for these farmers.

Cows in Bødo, Norway

NorFor & Climate

Our mission is to become the gold standard in Sustainable Animal Nutrition. Towards this mission, at NorFor we work to help farms to maximize profits while increasing the emphasis on sustainability to address today’s climate challenges.

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What does users have to say about NorFor?

"NorFor carefully takes into account how the different feedstuffs work together and how they affect the rumen, composing far better feed rations than before."  Henrik Bjærre Jakobsen

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Eva, Roland, and Emil Persson

"Since NorFor was introduced at the farm a lot more attention has been put to the cow´s ability to eat roughage." Emil Persson

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