NorFor's Misson

The objective of NorFor is to provide the best solution to the never-ending-question of how to best feed dairy and beef cattle in a sustainable and climate smart manner, both daily and over time.

NorFor does this by offering a nutrition model for dairy and beef cattle businesses implemented in a user friendly IT system ensuring that feed rations can be easily optimized and calculated, and also secure that:

• The production potential of the animal and economics is used in order to reach the highest possible productivity and profitability;

• The environmental and climatic impact is minimal; and
• The welfare of the animal is always being kept in focus


NorFor's organization is formed by experts in animal nutrition and information technology from the Nordic countries. Our main activities include development of a feed evaluation model as well as maintenance and development of it functions.

NorFor A.m.b.a (plc) is registered in Aarhus, Denmark.

organizational chart

Board of Directors

Our board of directors each represent one of the owners’ organizations: TINE, SEGES, VÄXA, RML.

Management Team
Headed by the CEO, The Management Team is responsible for performing tasks within development and coordination on a daily basis – in order to accomplish our objectives.

Scientic Advisory Group
NorFor collaborates closely with leading scientists from universities and research institutes in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Iceland. The objective of these endeavors is to further develop the NorFor Model, based on scientifically proven methods as well as advice from senior researchers.
If you have any questions about the SAG or want to be part of developing the NorFor Model, please contact us.