NFRO - NorFor outside the Nordic countries

Each of our partners have developed their own client software in order to adapt NorFor's model to the needs of each country. For users outside the country partners, we offer the NorFor Feed Ration Optimizer™.

NorFor Feed Ration Optimizer™

  • Easy to install and use
  • Updates automatically
  • Runs on MS Windows platforms

NorFor Feed Ration Optimizer™ is an IT tool designed to make you utilize all the benefits of the NorFor Model.         

For a brief introduction to our easy-to-use IT tool designed for feed optimization.

Learn - step by step - how to create a feed ration.

Users of the NorFor Feed Ration Optimizer™ need a personal user accounts. 

Contact us for a demo.

Ration Optimizer User Guide

For detailed instructions on how to optimize your ration download the User Guide here.

For the German version click here

User Guide for the Feeding Control Tool

NorFor Feed Ration Optimizer™  also offers the Feeding Control tool. To learn how to use it click here

For the German version click here