Privacy Policy

Your integrity is important to us. However, in order to serve you, we may require you to provide us with certain personally identifiable information. This privacy policy contains a description of what information we are storing, the procedure which we follow to handle this information, and what your rights are in regard to this information. NorFor is committed to managing your information in accordance with its privacy policy and current legislation. The privacy policy below defines how NorFor collects and manages personally identifiable information. We recommend you read NorFor’s privacy policy and if you have any questions or concerns to contact the Privacy Policy Manager of NorFor via email as indicated below.

Privacy policy

This privacy policy is valid for NorFor AMBA activities.


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NorFor is responsible for the below mentioned procedures.

Privacy Policy Manager

Our Privacy Policy Manager will reply within two workdays to any inquiries received regarding the privacy policy.


How does NorFor use personally identifiable information?

NorFor and the assigned individuals will only use your personally identifiable information in a predefined manner. NorFor need to know the identity of the person who contacts us in order to deliver customized service. This means we will save information for the sole purpose of providing high quality service and legal obligations.

What information is collected and stored?

Norfor stores the following personally identifiable information:

•Name and surname



•Phone number

•Email address

•User account information when applicable

•Signed agreements and offers

•Services to be delivered and its documentation

NorFor collects and stores only the information necessary to perform our operations and its primary use and to meet legal obligations, all described in this privacy policy. Information that is not necessary to store or is obsolete will be deleted in a safe way.

From which sources do we collect information?

The information we collect is obtained through the interactions between the client and NorFor in situations such as; defining offers, agreements, setting up user accounts and providing service or executing projects. Information is also obtained by searching the internet for addresses, phone numbers and VAT numbers.

Who handles the information, and do they share it with third parties?

At NorFor your personal identifiable information is handled by individuals who are assigned tasks defined by the Privacy Policy Manager in accordance with this privacy policy. Information is only transferred to third parties as specifically described in this privacy policy and within the legal system. Your personal identifiable information is only transferred to subcontractors and partners who agree to the terms of a written agreement. Our subcontractors and partners will handle personal identifiable information in accordance with the agreement and policies described in this privacy policy. The written agreement prohibits our subcontractors and partners from disclosing your information to any third party.

Is personal identifiable information transferred outside the EU?

We do not transfer personal identifiable information outside the European Union or the European Economic Area.

How long do we store the information?

We store the information as long as it is valid to keep it according to this privacy policy and legal obligations. The time varies depending on the purpose, situation and the current legislation. When needed the information is updated.

How do we secure the safe keeping of the personal identifiable information?

The data security of the information of NorFor and its confidentiality, integrity and usefulness is secured in accordance to technical and administrative measures aligned to standards. The information is primarily stored digitally behind firewalls, shielded buildings and rooms. The personal identifiable information is also protected by identity access management systems and policies. The personal identifiable information is managed by a small group of people all appointed by the privacy policy manager who are assigned a personal access user account and signature.

Is it mandatory to provide personal identifiable information and what happens if not?

The delivery and production of our services, as stated in the privacy policy, is to a large extent based on the ability to handle a minimal amount of personal identifiable information about you, for example, to manage customer relations, agreements and invoicing. The personal identifiable information needed can be provided partly voluntary, but it will have an impact of the service level defined in the privacy policy.

What are your rights?

The customer has the right to request what information is saved within our systems and an explanation of why the information needs to be saved. The customer may also ask to review all saved information.

You may ask for this information by a written request to the Privacy Policy Manager by an email to and providing your full name.

The customer can also request to update, change or correct personal identifiable information by sending an email to

Cancellation of consent for NorFor to handle your personal identifiable information can be done at any time by sending an email to

You can request limitations of the use of your private identifiable information by contacting the Privacy Policy Manager on

Will this Privacy Policy be updated?

This privacy policy may be updated in the event our business or information policies changes. Another reason is changes in the laws and regulations applicable to the privacy policy. The changes will occur after publication of a new privacy policy. Therefore, we kindly ask you to read this document on regular basis.