Our History

The idea behind NorFor grew up among dairy farmer organizations in the Nordic countries in the late 1990´s, based on a long tradition of cooperation between these countries. Though there were differences between dairy farmers in the Nordics, there are common challenges that united them. The purpose was to create a common Nordic feed evaluation system to maximize the benefit for dairy farmers.

At the start of the project, different feed evaluation systems were considered and evaluated before the steering committee decided to develop the Norwegian AAT-model.The NorFor project was established in 2002 and in 2007 NorFor was founded as a company.

The overall aim of NorFor was to create an identical, common feed evaluation system for Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Sweden to facilitate communication between farmers, consultants and feed industry representatives. Additional goals were to make dissemination of relevant research findings faster and more efficient, both within the four countries and internationally.

The development also included validation of the models based on available research data from the Nordic countries. Significant parts of the development work involved close cooperation with scientists at the agricultural universities and research institutes in the Nordic countries. In parallel the IT system was developed.

From 2007 onwards, NorFor has been jointly funded and managed as a Danish company; NorFor A.m.b.a owned by the four organizations Växa, RML, TINE and Lanbrug og Fødevarer (L&F).