NorFor Academic

NorFor understands Universities as center of knowledge in cattle nutrition and wants to share knowledge and tools.

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For this, NorFor offers the software for teaching and other academic purposes free of charge. This will allow academic professionals and students to have access to IT tools designed to utilize all the benefits of the NorFor model in order to elevate knowledge and understanding of modern cattle nutrition. NorFor is already in use in several leading agricultural universities.

NorFor is offering tailored packages for each University’s needs. The packages, together with the software, can include other learning tools to maximize its use.

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Available tools:

User guides-These are basic guides to get started with the software. Explains the general use of the most important features of the software.

NorFor Book- NorFor software is based on the Nordic Feed Formulation System. This book explains in detail the NorFor system and models. It is essential for deep understanding of the model and the software. It is considered the NorFor bible.

Training for academic staff- Specially targeted for academics. The goal is for academics to be able to perform accurately and maximize the use of the software. This includes lectures about the NorFor system and hand on the software. After this training, staff is certified to teach NorFor system for students.

Modules for students- Lectures and training for students. This NorFor module is design to easily fit as part of a cattle nutrition course. Lectures introducing the NorFor System and basics of the software.

Full courses- This course is designed to fit into a week course. It includes, lectures, software training and activities (coordinated with the University) to fully understand the NorFor system. It can fit as a selective course for students.