The NorFor organization develops and supplies a feed evaluation system called the NorFor Model. The system is currently in use in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Iceland on approximately 9,000 dairy farms with some 1,000,000 head of cattle. The main benefits are:

  • High feed efficiency by optimizing the feed ration, ensuring minimum feed costs after the biological needs are fulfilled.
  • Healthy cows delivering a stable production, thanks to a well-balanced feed ration.
  • Low environmental impact by monitoring relevant parameters.

To utilize the NorFor Model on the farm level, dairy farmers and nutritionists apply our user friendly software NorFor Feed Ration Optimizer™.

Many dairy farmers agree with specialized nutritionists to use the NorFor Model on their farms. Hence nutritionists and their companies are able to develop both the farmers’ and their own business.

If you want to know more about how NorFor can increase your business, do not hesitate to contact us.

NorFor - how it started

The idea behind NorFor emerged among dairy farmers in the Nordic countries in the late 1990’s.

Initially, the purpose was to create a common feed evaluation system to maximize the benefit for dairy farmers, and in turn replace the different systems in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Iceland – all marked by various flaws and insufficient development.

In 2003, a project was created, and in 2007 the company NorFor was founded, launching the new system full-scale.