Analysis method for NEL20 on compound feed

Under NorFor’s auspices, a method for analysing energy on compound feed has been developed. The basis was 104 raw materials and 75 nompound feeds from 6 feed companies. The first model on net energy at 20 kg dry matter intake (NEL20) of compound feed was first published in 2021 by Álvarez et al. **

An evaluation and update of the model was done after the changes in Norfor's energy model last year. The new model was slightly changed and presented at the 11th Nordic Feed Science Conference in Uppsala, Sweden (Álvarez et al., 2022). Also, a screening of 146 compound feed from 22 Nordic feed companies was performed with the new model. Participating feed companies were comparable within country. It is worth mentioning that Seges innovation in Denmark performs screening on Danish compound feed yearly on net energy as feed units. The results are published on their website (Seges innovation, 2021).

Now, it is possible in NorFor to analyse compound feed on NEL20. Required analyses are ash, EFOS, crude protein, crude fat and neutral detergent fibre (NDF). Also, urea additive in the compound feed is considered in the model. When a laboratory sends the analysis results to NorFor’s feed analysis system, it will result in a NEL20 value. The underlying model in the feed analysis system is based on Álvarez et al (2022).


-Álvarez C., Nielsen N. I., Weisbjerg M. R., Volden H. & Prestløkken E., 2021. A static model for estimating energy content of compound feeds in a dynamic feed evaluation system. J. Dairy Sci. 104, 9362-9375.

-Álvarez, C., M. Åkerlind, H. Martinussen, E. Brodshaug, D. Clausen & N. I. Nielsen, 2022. Screening of energy content of compound feeds using the new energy evaluation model in NorFor. Proceedings of the 11th Nordic Feed Science Conference, Uppsala, Sweden, August 22 - 23, 2022, p. 135-137. nfsc-2022-proceedings.pdf (

-Seges innovation, 2021. Screening on Danish compound feed during 2020.

**The project was funded by NorFor, TINE and Research Council of Norway (Oslo). Acknowledgements to Lantmännen Lantbruk (Malmö, Sweden), Vallberga Lantmän (Vallberga, Sweden), Norgesfôr AS (Oslo, Norway), Felleskjøpet Agri (Lillestrøm, Norway), Fiskå Mølle AS (Tau, Norway), DLG (Copenhagen, Denmark), and Hedegaard Agro (Nørresundby, Denmark) for contributing feed samples.