NorFor Climate Update 2020

NorFor have a strong focus on climate, adding since 2020 features to calculate greenhouse gas emissions caused by the milk and beef production. Already in January, we succeed in launching a series of updates on the existing carbon footprint calculator. The update contains brand-new ration parameters focusing on greenhouse gas emissions and three other features requested by dairy nutritionists. 

Update on NorFor’s Carbon Footprint Calculator

Now all the carbon footprint parameters can now be found in a separate section called Climate. Under the Climate section, the whole list of new greenhouse gas parameters can be found when optimizing a feed ration and performing a feed control.

The list now contains detailed parameters on methane emissions, emissions from feed production, emissions from soil and from manure handling.


NorFor added ration parameters that summarize the total carbon footprint from cows, feed production, and manure handling expressed as KG CO2-equivalents per KG milk as well as KG CO2-equivalents per KG weight gain when doing feed rations for young stock. These can be chosen from the NEW parameter section called 'Climate'.

Methane emissions: NorFor have made a minor change in the calculations regarding the amount of methane emissions by giving fatty acids a slightly stronger influence in this update. An increase of fatty acids in the ration decreases the methane emission whereas total dry matter and NDF level increases the methane emission. Later this year we intend on revising the methane equations in NorFor based on recent research results.

Land requirement: New parameter on land requirement as square meters per kg dry matter. It can be used when optimizing rations and it is available as an output from the feed control in the NorFor Feed Ration Optimizer.

Manure handling: Greenhouse gas emissions from storage of manure in slurry tanks or deep bedding and from spreading manure are now included in the NorFor Carbon Footprint Calculator.

Manure production: The NorFor model now includes a calculation on the amount of manure produced per cow per day and the content of the manure regarding ash, crude protein, crude fat, starch and rest-carbohydrates expressed in grams per day and grams per kg dry matter. These new parameters are found under parameter section NPK-excreted.

Please note that the amount of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in the manure is also used in the carbon footprint calculator of manure emissions in the NorFor model and hence have an influence on the result.