NorFor collaboration in PhD project

Since March 2018 to December 2021, NorForwas part of a PhD project, with Clementina Álvarez as PhD candidate. The current work was carried out within the Industrial PhD Scheme and was funded by the Research Council of Norway, TINE SA (Norway), and Nordic Feed Evaluation System (NorFor), while the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU, Norway) acted as the degree-conferring institution.

On the 10th December 2021, Clementina successfully defended her PhD thesis called: «A new approach for predicting milk production responses and feed utilization in dairy cows». The overall objective of the present thesis was to provide new feed knowledge that could contribute to solving the new challenges the dairy industry is facing (volatile prices, climate and sustainability perspective, high level of productivity, big data in dairy farms). This new knowledge is to be incorporated into NorFor and is intended to be used in farms to improve their performance. The thesis contributes to improving NorFor by working in two main areas: developing a model that can estimate the energy content of compound feeds and the development of a model describing milk production responses to the changes in silage digestibility and concentrate intake.

About Clementina: Clementina Álvarez graduated in 2013 as an Agronomist from Universidad de la República in Uruguay. In 2016, she obtained her Master of Science degree (MSc) from Aarhus University and Debrecen University under the Erasmus Mundus joint master programme: Sustainable Animal Nutrition and Feeding (EMSANF). She started her PhD in March 2018.

Clementina’s supervisors were Egil Prestløkken (NMBU), Harald Volden (TINE, NMBU, NorFor), Martin Weisbjerg (AU) and Nicolaj Nielsen (NorFor, SEGES). The Evaluation Committee was comprised by Prof. Marketta Rinne (LUKE, Natural Research Institute Finland), Dr. Johan De Boever (Animal Sciences Unit, Flanders Research Institute for Agriculture) and Postdoc. Rasmus Bovbjerg Jensen (NMBU).

Clementina will continue her research as part of the NorFor Team and at TINE!

From left to right: Egil Prestløkken (NMBU), Clementina, Martin Weisbjerg (Aarhus University), Nicolaj Nielsen (SEGES)

Form left to right: Nicolaj Nielsen, Martin Weisbjerg, Clementina Álvarez, Egil Prestløkken, Tone Roalkvam (NorFor Manager).