NorFor Summer News


ph: Torstein Kiserud

                                                                           NORFOR'S NEW HOMEPAGE

NorFor has a brand-new homepage. There, you will find all NorFor's products and services, as well as new tools included in the model. Norfor puts a strong emphasis in becoming the “Gold Standard” of sustainable animal nutrition, so in the homepage you can find an in-detail description of the new Climate section. The new homepage also presents the NorFor team and its now easier to contact us. In addition, you can be updated from our latest news as well as subscribe to our newsletter.

                                          MEET NORFOR AT THE NORDICE FEED SCIENCE CONFERENCE

During August 22-23, NorFor will be participating at the 10th Nordic Feed Science Conference in Uppsala, Sweden. We will be presenting results from a compound feed screening. In addition, results to reduce the carbon footprint while using NorFor's Climate Section. Come and meet us!



                                                            We wish everyone great summer days!